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Please place a tick in the box below if the estate in question does not have a will.
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More Information In addition to obtaining the Grant, our team of legal specialists can help with all aspects of the administration of estates. For example:
  • Sorting through paperwork to identify the assets and liabilities.
  • Arranging for valuations of all assets and liabilities.
  • Obtaining information needed to complete the income tax return and completing the return, claiming any refunds due to the estate.
  • Dealing with any creditors to the estate.
  • Notifying all beneficiaries as to their entitlement.
  • Completing inheritance tax forms.
  • Advising as to reliefs and exemptions available to reduce the inheritance tax due.
  • Dealing with any queries raised by the Inland Revenue.
  • Collecting in the assets e.g closing down bank accounts, arranging for the sale of any assets, paying the estate liabilities from the assets received.
  • Placing statutory advertisements and conducting bankruptcy searches against the estate and beneficiaries (where appropriate), which protect executors/administrators against claims by creditors of whom they are unaware.
  • Advising as to beneficiary's own tax position and whether the deceased's estate can be re-arranged in a more favourable way for tax purposes.
  • Once all assets have been collected in and all liabilities paid, we can prepare estate accounts for the executors/administrators to approve. These show all the monies received into the estate, all monies paid out in paying bills etc, and how each beneficiarie's share has been calculated.
  • With the assistance of our Financial Services Department, we can advise beneficiaries as to sound investment of their inheritance.

Dealing with the administration of an estate is time consuming. We can assist at this difficult time by either dealing with the administration in its entirety or just with any particular aspects which would be helpful.

Being an executor or administrator is a responsible role. If you are unfamiliar with the legal responsibilities involved you can expose yourself to personal liability. We can protect against that.

Should you wish us to assist with any other aspects of the administration of the estate, please let us know.

Please tick if we can assist with queries on any of the following:

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